Let’s get the awkward one out of the way : Money.

Yes, I have a day job. Yes, photography is a side job. But I still have expenses and I want to grow my business. But I also love photographing people and I love collaborating with others and creating lasting, artistic images. There is more to a shoot than just the shoot. A lot of preparation and works goes in before and after the shoot. With that said, I’m open to discussing options with you that might fit your budget. I have several packages for large and small budgets and add-ons that can accommodate most financial situations. In general, a shoot costs between $80-$300 depending on the length of the shoot, number of outfits, and number of desired final images. I will do one TFP shoot per month and I will shoot once or twice per month at a discount rate (covering the studio booking fees). I am open to discussing a plan that accommodates your budget concerns and situation. Contact me and let’s work it out.

What's required to book and confirm?

I ask that you complete a short questionnaire to help me understand what you are looking for and to set some general dates. Once we come to payment and terms, I will send you a contract which will require your signature, along with an invoice for a non-refundable deposit. The balance is due on or before shooting begins.

What's included?

All packages include an optional consultation to figure out what kind of shoot you want and what kind of look you want. This can be done via email, Skype, or in person if you so desire. Generally, at least 2-3 looks/outfits per shoot are included. Packages also include a review of the shoot at the end. You’ll also get an online proofing and download gallery. During the shoot you will see each shot as it is taken to make sure you are satisfied with the style and look.

What do you do with the photos?

I post the photos on Instagram, Facebook, and the website. In general, I only post photos that have been given to you in your download gallery, which is comprised of photos you have selected from the shoot as your favorites, as well as a few selections I make and some artistic edits. I only post family-friendly content, however you may use/post any of the photos as you see fit on your social media.

Will you travel?

Within limits, yes. If you are accessible via MTA, then most definitely. If you are located outside of subway distance, then we can discuss travel reimbursement as an option.

Why can't I have the RAW files?

The reality is that a raw file is not a finished or usable product. It needs to be edited and converted to a usable file format. If you tried to get a print made from a raw file, you’d be told it can’t be done. Any photo labs (professional or otherwise) will want a jpeg file to produce prints from, not a raw file. Every image that you see on my website is a JPEG file. When you look at gorgeous albums, they are all also printed from edited, finished JPEG image files, and not raw files. Giving you a raw file is simply not a benefit and in all likelihood, it would end up becoming a frustration for you. Another reason we keep control of our raw files is because the editing of the images (to make the JPEG) is a part of our creative process. It demonstrates who we are as artists every bit as much as the way we make an image with our camera.

Is Doctor Who the best sci-fi TV show ever?

You bet it is! And I’m thrilled that the 13th Doctor will be a female.

Anymore questions or ready to book?

Contact me to ask any question or book now!