Art of Intuitive Photography Gallery Show 2017

The Art of Intuitive Photography holds an annual gallery show of images from students who have taken one of their intuitive photography classes. The 2017 exhibit will be on Governors Island from May 27th - July 9th at Nolan Park House 8A.

The gallery will be open Saturday's and Sunday's from 10am - 6pm. The galley opening will be June 4th at 2pm. For more details about this years show please visit the AOIP Facebook invitation.

I've taken AOIP classes for the past 4 years and have had the fortune of participating in the annual gallery show since 2014.

Mindy and her team take a unique approach to teaching photography. While there is still instruction given to standard technical details and rules, the emphasis is on taking photos that make a connection based on your intuition, whether that is something you sense, hear, feel, or just your gut telling you to. Following this method leads to photos that one might not ordinarily take. To learn more or to schedule a class visit if you're in the NYC area (however she does travel frequently and offers on-the-road classes).

Visit the "Art of Intuitive Photography" gallery here to see my past entries. My entries for the 2017 gallery are below.

2017 Nature Speaks
2017 Winter From AboveLooking down.